We use fine fibres, which require a high level of expertise and technical ability for the complex preparation and spinning processes. We are specialized in the production of high quality worsted, woolen and blown yarns for industrial knitting, weaving and hand knitting; excellent products entirely made in Italy.

Experimentation, research and the study of new fancy effects and new processes on yarns are among Filitaly-LAB’s strengths.
Essential features of our work are the attention and diligence in the qualitative selection of raw materials, in the spinning and finishing steps. Each type of yarn, in fact, requires a different type of processing based on composition, count and structure.

We place emphasis on the quality of our blown yarns, a type of yarn thus defined for the specific production process. It is an innovative system, different from the traditional spinning as it does not use the cohesive force of twisting to aggregate the fibers but the containing action of a thin mesh tube in which the fibers are blown in free form. The resulting yarns and finished garments are definitely lighter than those produced by traditional spinning.
Moreover, the particular structure of the blown yarns is a sort of “insulating chamber” between the body and the external environment, keeping the body temperature stable.