The Yak is a ruminant mammal, domesticated 3.000 years ago in Tibet. His fleece is made of long, thick and bristly hairs and a soft undercoat, that is removed from the animal by combing. The colour of the fibre ranges from black to dark brown, to grey and more rarely to white. The collection of the Yak fibre, slow and careful, is followed by sorting and classification, with the separation of coarser fibres from the finer ones. This process is called dehairing.

The dehaired fiber can achieve a fineness of 15-17 microns.

Yarn made from Yak undercoat is a luxury product, comparable to cashmere in terms of softness and thermal capacity but more resistant.

The breeding of this bovid does not cause desertification, therefore the creations made from this fibre are not only light and very warm, butalso eco-friendly.